Cirque du Soleil

I went to see Kurios, a great show from the Cirque du soleil. They are now in Miami until the end of January.  

They featured great acts.  My favorites were the contortionists, the yo yo and the upside down chairs.

Highly recommended


Happy New Year and Happy first Bday to my blog

I hope I can share more adventures with you this new year. I didnt write much last month because I was trying to survive holidays, I visited my family in Fl, I love my family, they are everything to me, but I got  lot of stress there.

This year will be one of the best! Follow your dreams , be kind to people and sing sing sing.

Happy New Year and Happy Bday to my blog^^ cheers

Japan Rail and Narita Express

Just landed in Japan. First thing to do is exchange the voucher for the Japan Rail Pass.


The JR office is in the lower level . Take vouchers and passports and fill and application there. The office has a Red sign . It was very easy to find. They gave me my Japann Railpass card and also  booked my seat for the Narita Express.

After that , I exchanged some money, but money rate was very low 103 yen per dollar. If someone knows where else to exchange money in Japan, please let me know because it was kind of difficult.

Now Iam taking the Narita express which will take me to Shinjuku. The Narita Express is located in the lower level of the airport.  One level lower than the JR east office. There are lot of signs so dont worry, you wont get lost.
From Narita to Shinjuku it takes one hour and a half aprox.

El Caribe

The cruise took us to beautiful beaches. Normally the cruise arrives early in the morning and departs around 5 pm.


St Martin, Maarten
Beach is close to the port, lot of souvenir shops and restaurants.


St Thomas
We took a taxi to this beautiful beach. Less expensive than taking the tour from the cruise.


This is one of my favs. The beach is not so close,  but the city is very colorful.

You can take the beach towel from the cruise . Dont forget your sunscreen!

Tea House

No coffee, no problem, drink Tea!
I  visited two tea houses in Seoul. One traditional and one very famous.

First one in Insadong, very small beautiful Tea House.



They had many types of teas and beautiful tea cups.


This tea house was very cozy and the tea is natural. I visited in November so they had already a xmas tree.


I visited Osulloc in the summer


Very modern and famous for green tea.


I had green tea ice cream


My friend had a green tea beverage, but cant remember the name TT

*The two Tea Houses are very different one is the traditional tea house and the other is very modern with a modern menu. 

Oh the places you’ll go

For dreamers who are waiting.

There was a time in my life that I stopped traveling and doing things I used to love. I no longer had dreams.

From being a traveler to rarely travel,   I still wanted to go to places,  start new adventures, but became scared to travel, to be too old to explore.

I always said next year I will travel, I will do this, but I did nothing.  Then I said the same year after year.

One day I decided to go.

Before my flight, I got a present from my sister. A book , “Oh the places you’ll go” .


I was hesitant until the last minute to fly, but after reading this book, I knew I had to go.

And I finally left the waiting place.