Yesterday was the independence day of Peru  and to celebrate I ate a Cebiche or Ceviche,  the most famous peruvian dish. Ceviche is not a salad, it doesnt come with tomatoes, if its white is not so good. It probably means the fish is not so fresh.


There are a lot of cevicherias and many ways to prepare it. For me ceviche must be simple just fish, salt, lime juice, garlic and peruvian aji pepper, sometimes little ginger if it’s nikkei style. Not marinated,  if the fish meat is white, it means it was cooked by the lime juice and the taste will be different, ceviche should be eaten right away after it is prepared. In the local markets it is  white because it is already prepared in advance.
It is ok to eat it, but for me the taste is heavier.


Fresh fish is important to prepare ceviche, a variety of fresh fish and  seafood can be found at the local markets. It is possible to order ceviche mixto which is fish and seafood ceviche.


Combine with peruvian corn and sweet potato, mouthwatering…

This is a very healthy dish.

If you eat ceviche in other countries, it may be different, they may have their own versions of ceviche, but the real one is in Peru.

Happy independence day Peru!


I love chifa

If you see a sign that says chifa,
it means chinese restaurant in Peru.

The chinese food in Peru is delicious, peruvians are in love with chifas, so much you will see more chifas than peruvian restaurants,  they say you can see one every corner in commercial streets.

Sundays are full with families, some eat once a week at their favorite Chifa.


The chinese food style here is from Canton.


My favorite chifa in Lima is Titi and Hou Wha, if you go to Titi dont forget to make reservations in advance.
The wantan soup at Titi is extremely delicious with pork, duck and chicken.
Taipa a mix of beef, chicken, shrimp and duck with veggies hmmmm is also a good choice.

Iam hungry again!

Japanese fusion and Hanzo restaurant

Peru is also famous for their japanese and Nikkei restaurants. More than 80,000 descendants of japanese are living in Peru. They contributed to the local cuisine bringing a japanese flavor to the most famous dishes.

One of the most famous chef that has worked in Peru is Nobu Matsuhisa, while working at a japanese restaurant, he combined the peruvian and japanese ingredients making it a wonderful fusion.

One of my favorite restaurants is Hanzo Conquistadores in San Isidro. You can try a lot of japanese peruvian fusion here.


Everything was fresh and delicious


Sashimi moriawase




Delicious shrimp


Salmon salad

Price is not so expensive, $20 – 30 per person. In the US this would cost $60-$100 per person, so dont miss it if you travel to Peru.


And of course a plate of desserts
Bon Appetit

Inca Kola the soda that sells more than Coca Cola

This is the most famous soda in Peru that sells more than Coca cola and that’s why Coca cola company  bought Inca Kola some years ago. If you visit  Peru try it. The slogan says Inca Kola combines with every food, so you will see at a chinese restaurant, cevicheria, pizzeria, japanese restaurant , etc  people drinking Inca Kola.


You can  try it at Club cool  ( Coca cola tasting center)  in Epcot center for free and may find it at a supermarket.


I found it in Florida


And in Seoul

Drink it very cold!

Peruvian cuisine

Peruvian food is delicious, try these:

If you are new to peruvian food , order una ronda caliente, you will have a sample of the most popular peruvian dishes , except lomo saltado and ceviche.


Aji de gallina (spicy chicken with milk sauce), seco ( beef stew with cilantro), patita ( pork’s feet with potatoes), cau cau ( potatoes with mondongo ), sangrecita ( this means blood, but not sure what is) frejoles (beans), carapulcra ( dried potato stew).

Lomo Saltado
One of my favorites. Beef with french fries , sautee onions and tomatoes.


In winter Sopa Criolla
Beef soup with milk and noodles
Its hot!


Pollo a brasa
Roasted chicken with french fries


I dont have pictures of the following, but are delicious as well. Papa a la Huancaina ( potato with cheese sauce) papa rellena ( stuffed potato with beef) I know lot of potatoes. Arroz con pollo  chicken with rice ( the green color comes from the cilantro)

I will talk about the famous ceviche later^^

Welcome to Lima Peru

Lima is the capital city of Peru. I visited downtown Lima today. It was a cold winter day.


Presidential Palace


Cathedral of Lima

First place you need to visit is downtown Lima. You can visit the Cathedral, which is in the same square as the Presidential Palace . Two blocks from there you can visit The Monastery of San Francisco and the Catacombs.
Thats a Must visit , better in daylight because it may be little bit dangerous.
Sunday is the best day because that is the only day without traffic.

Second place I recommend is Miraflores, the touristic district in Lima. Almost all the hotels are in Miraflores.
Visit Larco Mar and you will be able to see the coast.  Larco Mar is a shopping mall located in front of the Marriott Hotel in Lima.

Third place I recommend is Barranco, the bohemian district of Lima.

You can visit all these places in one day.
If you have more time visit La Huaca Pucllana.