Livorno, Pisa and Florence

From the port of Livorno to Livorno’s train station I took the bus arranged by Norwegian cruise ( Epic), cost was $15 roundtrip. By train to Florence 1 hour and 20min.

When you arrive, in front of the train station there is a tourism office. You can get a map for free and information.

I wanted to see David. (20min walking from train station)

The queue was soooo long, it was impossible.

I didn’t have time to see Ponte Vecchio, next time!

From Florence train station to Pisa train station took me around 1 hour and from the station to the Pisa tower 30 min walking. I don’t know if I took the wrong way and took me longer to get there. I forgot to bring a map and kept following tourists. Anyway, it is a must see, so I don’t regret it. Also by walking you can see a lot if colorful streets. Next time don’t forget the map!

From Pisa to Livorno only 20 minutes and when I arrived the Epic bus was waiting at the parking lot.

It is possible to see Florence and Pisa in one day . Remember to bring running shoes^^.


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