How to go from Civitavecchia to Rome

Second stop was Civitavecchia which is 80 min by train to Rome. The cost of a shore excursion was $399 -$299 per person with the cruise. I decided to go by myself.

To go to Civitavecchia,

1.Take the free shuttle bus that takes you to Civitavecchia. There you will see the buses to the train station.

2. Take the bus to the train station, cost is around 2 euros and a lot of cruisers are doing the same, so you won’t get lost.

3.At the train station buy your roundtrip tickets to Rome. It should say Roma Termini and they will give you two tickets. I bought train tickets and the Big bus hop on hop off touristic bus. Everything was around 40 euros. If you just want to buy the train ticket, the cost is 5 euros aprox.

4.Validate your train ticket in this machine before getting into the train.

If you don’t validate, you will pay a fine. I heard it was 40 euros, so don’t forget.

5.Make sure to board on the correct train.

6.This is where you buy the train tickets. Also when you come back, you need to buy the return bus ticket here.

*The person who sold us the train tickets gave us a little paper with wrong information about the time of departures. There was no 15.12pm train to Civitavecchia. He also said take the 10.44am train to Rome Termini which was non existent. The next train was at 10.53am, so it made sense to have only one train instead of two with 9 minutes difference.

Although it seems like a lot of stress, it was easy and I saved a lot of money^^



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