Visiting Ikea

I went to Ikea in FL and dreamt about my future home. I love the designs, the furnitures, the showrooms.

One day I want to have a room like this one.

But now, I can enjoy the famous meatballs.


Cozumel and desserts

My pictures of Cozumel dissapeared, but I just want to say that it was one of my favorite ports. The Mexicans are very friendly, there are lot of activities to do and of course shopping.

So the sweet ending of my cruise  trip comes with dessert.

I had ice cream, tiramisu, fruit salad, pavlova, chocolate mousse, cookies, new york cheesecake, apple pie,etc .

A Happy ending.

Happy New Year and Happy first Bday to my blog

I hope I can share more adventures with you this new year. I didnt write much last month because I was trying to survive holidays, I visited my family in Fl, I love my family, they are everything to me, but I got  lot of stress there.

This year will be one of the best! Follow your dreams , be kind to people and sing sing sing.

Happy New Year and Happy Bday to my blog^^ cheers