Food at sea

There are so many things to eat at a cruise that after cruising I need to go to the gym, probably after holidays, so next year^^ 
I tried to eat a little bit  and not so bit of  everything, but there is so much food, its impossible.

Let’s start with breakfast


Egg Benedict


From the buffet


This was at Johnny Rockets


After breakfast


Park cafe
Coffee , pastry and a book

Lunch time


Salmon from the main dining, there is also a small buffet for lunch


The buffet at the Windjammer restaurant


Hmmm delicious

At the Solarium restaurant there is a buffet and the Park cafe have paninis and salads

My dinner was programmed at 8.30 pm, so at 5 pm I ate nachos or chili fries


Main dinning dinner


Shrimp with panko


Lobster with vegetables and mashed potatoes


Filet mignon with mushroom and vegetables

The Solarium has a buffet and a la carte, but the menu is the same everyday and The windjammer has a buffet.

There was a 24hour café with pastries and sandwiches and a pizza place open until late at night.

And the best part, everything was complimentary^^


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