Yesterday was the independence day of Peru  and to celebrate I ate a Cebiche or Ceviche,  the most famous peruvian dish. Ceviche is not a salad, it doesnt come with tomatoes, if its white is not so good. It probably means the fish is not so fresh.


There are a lot of cevicherias and many ways to prepare it. For me ceviche must be simple just fish, salt, lime juice, garlic and peruvian aji pepper, sometimes little ginger if it’s nikkei style. Not marinated,  if the fish meat is white, it means it was cooked by the lime juice and the taste will be different, ceviche should be eaten right away after it is prepared. In the local markets it is  white because it is already prepared in advance.
It is ok to eat it, but for me the taste is heavier.


Fresh fish is important to prepare ceviche, a variety of fresh fish and  seafood can be found at the local markets. It is possible to order ceviche mixto which is fish and seafood ceviche.


Combine with peruvian corn and sweet potato, mouthwatering…

This is a very healthy dish.

If you eat ceviche in other countries, it may be different, they may have their own versions of ceviche, but the real one is in Peru.

Happy independence day Peru!


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