Peruvian cuisine

Peruvian food is delicious, try these:

If you are new to peruvian food , order una ronda caliente, you will have a sample of the most popular peruvian dishes , except lomo saltado and ceviche.


Aji de gallina (spicy chicken with milk sauce), seco ( beef stew with cilantro), patita ( pork’s feet with potatoes), cau cau ( potatoes with mondongo ), sangrecita ( this means blood, but not sure what is) frejoles (beans), carapulcra ( dried potato stew).

Lomo Saltado
One of my favorites. Beef with french fries , sautee onions and tomatoes.


In winter Sopa Criolla
Beef soup with milk and noodles
Its hot!


Pollo a brasa
Roasted chicken with french fries


I dont have pictures of the following, but are delicious as well. Papa a la Huancaina ( potato with cheese sauce) papa rellena ( stuffed potato with beef) I know lot of potatoes. Arroz con pollo  chicken with rice ( the green color comes from the cilantro)

I will talk about the famous ceviche later^^


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