Welcome to Lima Peru

Lima is the capital city of Peru. I visited downtown Lima today. It was a cold winter day.


Presidential Palace


Cathedral of Lima

First place you need to visit is downtown Lima. You can visit the Cathedral, which is in the same square as the Presidential Palace . Two blocks from there you can visit The Monastery of San Francisco and the Catacombs.
Thats a Must visit , better in daylight because it may be little bit dangerous.
Sunday is the best day because that is the only day without traffic.

Second place I recommend is Miraflores, the touristic district in Lima. Almost all the hotels are in Miraflores.
Visit Larco Mar and you will be able to see the coast.  Larco Mar is a shopping mall located in front of the Marriott Hotel in Lima.

Third place I recommend is Barranco, the bohemian district of Lima.

You can visit all these places in one day.
If you have more time visit La Huaca Pucllana.


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