Visiting the ER in South Korea

I had a non scheduled visit to the emergency room when I was in South Korea. Quite an experience. It was during Chusok, one of the most important holidays in South Korea, so I had no choice but to go there.
That was the first time I went to an emergency room, so I was in panic mode. 
First, I was surprised I couldnt find any person who spoke in English. I know they dont need to, but I always find people who speaks English everywhere.


The Doctor and nurse were  grumpy because I couldnt communicate, that made me feel worst, I kept saying  sorry I dont speak well korean in korean, but I know the medical staff work so hard, so I cant blame them  and  not everything is negative,  I dropped a cotton they gave me on the bed. The cotton was red like blood, so the sheet had red stains like blood. At that time I felt so sick  I didnt care, but an older korean man next to my bed called a nurse and asked her to change the sheet of my bed. None of his business, but he decided to help me. I was very thankful,   he moved his hand like saying its nothing. 

After that visit, I realized how well organized was the emergency room.  I didnt wait long to get a bed. Eventhough I had a traveler’s insurance, I paid with a credit card because  my insurance was not accepted.  At the end it was $180. I needed a report of my emergency for the insurance company and it cost me $20 more. An appointmemt with the Dr ( not emergency room) is around $20.
Health care in South Korea is good and not so expensive , but I hope I dont  go to the ER again.


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