Hiroshima Peace Memorial

This is the second time I go to Hiroshima. 


The Atomic bomb dome

Eventhough I went there for a second time, I got emotional, just walking and going to the museum again.


Specially the childrens’ memorial  and the story of Sadako Sasaki.


The museum contains things from people that died. Sometimes just hard to see, but  we need to remember how horrible war can be.

To get there take the electric car line 2 or 6 from Hiroshima station. It costs 160 yen , pay when you get off the car.
You dont need to get a ticket,  just pay when you get off.
There is also a free bus for JR pass holders. Take the bus at the entrance of the Hiroshima Granvia Hotel . The bus will stop at many touristic spots.

I stayed in Hiroshima, but if you stay in Osaka is like 1hour and a half, so its possible to go there for a day trip. Remember to book shinkansen seats.


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