Osaka Dotonbori

Osaka is an exciting city. I spent there most nighttimes and daytimes went to visit Kyoto.
From Osaka to Kyoto is 13 minutes by shinkansen. There are always seats available in the non reserved cars, but if its a holiday its better to reserve a seat.

Close to Namba station is Dotonbori street , full of restaurants and shops ( lot of people too)




The famous Glico


Lights everywhere around the canal


Dont forget to eat Takoyaki. I ate in this restaurant and it was delicious.
8 Takoyakis for aprox $6.

From Osaka station to Namba we took a private line, no JR line.

Restaurants in Dotonbori are littleĀ  expensier than at the subway station.
I ate at Dotonbori, but I think food was better at the station.

Anyway, Dotonbori is a must visit in Japan^^


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