Happiest place on earth

When asking where is the best place to live? most people would name their own city or hometown. But happiest place? Just walking around many cities, I saw how many busy, stressed, isolated people are, I was hopeless until I went to  Okinawa.


Yeah an island, maybe another island is a happy place too?  probably, but what differentiates Okinawa is the people living there. Kindest people in the world.

I felt this is the happiest place on earth,  people I met or saw from  the housekeepers,  janitors,  bus drivers to the Bank Manager they all had a smile and  they all wanted to help a group of foreigners who couldnt speak japanese.

Today I start this special section about Okinawa. I trip I made 5 years ago, one of the best trips. Hope you like it^^


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