Burgers in Korea

Beef is expensive in Korea so eating hamburgers  can be expensive.  Of course you can always find Mc Donalds, Burger King menus from 4 to 6 dollars.

I wanted to eat a good burger, so I went to Burger Hunter and found it delicious. Burger starts at $8  aprox , sides $3-$4 dollars. Beverages $2.


I really liked the decoration


Burger was good, but size was small.


Another day I went to Mos Burger. This was less expensive and way better than Mc Donalds. Burger, fries and drink $10 aprox .


No decoration, it was like a fast food restaurant


Size of burger was also small.


I would go again

I also ate at  Lotteria, but this is a fast food chain like mc donalds. You can order bulgogi burger, I havent tried it yet.

They have a lunch special for $3 aprox, but for $3 you can also eat a good cafeteria meal at a university in Seoul.

Next topic Cafeteria Food in Korea^^


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