Coffee Time Korea

When I arrived in Seoul, I was very surprised of the number of coffee shops. Ive never seen so many in any other city. I thought Spain had a lot of coffee shops, but Seoul wins.


Coffee shops are the place to meet your friends, study, date, relax , work, text,  etc. Even fight (  I saw a couple  fighting and nobody said anything, probably because they were around 60 years old)

Koreans adore their coffee shops and sometimes  spend more money in coffee than a meal. Actually it costs almost same, 4 or 5  dollars aprox for a capuccino, but in college, cafeterias
meals are 3 or 4 dollars.


My language teacher always said, koreans are crazy about coffee.

Of course there is also Starbucks.


Most korean coffee shops are very similar to Starbucks.

When I lived in Spain I always had coffee with a croissant or a spanish pastry. The barista was not young at all and from the entrance, I could smell the toasted coffee. I miss that.

In my next post I will write about the coffee shops.


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