In love with Thailand

One of my best friends is Thai. Thanks to her I tried Thai food 14 years ago and became a fan. I visited her country and fell in love with the people, the culture and of course the food.

Welcome to my Thai Adventure


I bought my flight ticket with Thai Airways and I didnt expect it to be good, but I was surprised, one of the best flights Ive taken. The airplane was very comfortable and never seen so many lavatories in an airplane. Never had to wait and it was a 5 and 30 min flight.


Food was ok, there was kimchi as well.

There are two airports in Bangkok. I arrived at Suvarnabhumi,
Bangkok International airport , which is very modern and new, but the vip room for priority pass holders is not like Incheon or Narita. The airport is not far from the city centre.


After checking in at the hotel, I started my adventure having dinner at a beautiful restaurant next to a river.




Hotels in Thailand are not expensive as  Korea. Rooms are big and comfortable. I recommend to choose a hotel with buffet breakfast included.


Delicious breakfast!


View of Bangkok

In my next post I will talk more about Bangkok.


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