My Korean Food Love

These are some of my favorites.


Dakgalbi, spicy chicken with vegetables and sweet potatoes. It is very spicy, but delicious.


This is Samgyetang, chicken soup with ginseng.


This is pork neck soup, one of my favorites in winter.


Korean bbq, so delicious , this is a Must!


Sundubu, spicy tofu soup. Hmmm.


Bibimbap, rice topped with vegetables, mushrooms and beef. Sometimes it comes with a fried egg.


Bulgogi, this is one of the most popular among foreigners. Tender marinated beef cooked on the table.


Jjampong (spicy) and JJajangmyong (sweet)  these are  consider chinese food, but never seen it in China. I heard it was made in Korea .


Bossam, this is pork which is served with lot of banchan .


Mandu, korean dumplings. I like kimchi mandu, spicy .

I also like Ttokbokki, some of my friends dont like it, it is rice cake with spicy sauce. Also ramyon soup , this is korean ramen, very spicy. 

Leave me a message with your favorites^^


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