Cooking Classes in Seoul

I always wanted to take a Korean cooking class, I studied culinary arts, so I am always interested in food. In Seoul I took several cooking classes . I will start with the second class. I took it through the Seoul Global Cultural Center that has cooking classes once a month.

The cooking class was near Ehwa University.


You will have to cook in groups with other people. I met some good friends there.


This is the instructor showing us how to cook the dish. She cooks and explains and then we cook.





Going back to first class.
First time I went to a cooking class. I searched through internet. There were 2 cooking schools Ongo foods which is very expensive and  Food and Culture Korea .

I went to the second one , located near kwanghwamun. I had to join a group of English.  We cooked Dakgalbi. There were 2 prices. One to see and the second one to cook. I paid the second one which  meant I paid more just to cut the chicken and add sauces and we all finished cooking it. We followed a recipe that they gave us photocopied from a book that at the Cultural Center they give it for free.

Classes were in English, the instructor was a funny lady, but I have to say BUT honestly if you want to really learn how to cook korean food, dont come here. Here you follow a recipe, you read it and follow the instructions. The result was not good, it didnt taste like Dakgalbi, so I was very dissapointed. The cost was $30 aprox.


This is the Food and Culture Korea Academy



My Dakgalbi, doesnt look like real  Dakgalbi TT.

I recommend to take cooking classes through the Seoul Global Cultural center located in Myeongdong.

I also had Kimchi classes in Myeongdong for aprox $10 dollars


This was also a good class.


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